Saturday, April 19, 2008

Evidence-Based Manual Medicine

After Martha's post, I drove out to our Mesa campus and checked out the "EBM and Manual Medicine book" -- it is AWESOME. It effectively combines anatomy, pathophys, research, controversy, and technique in one manual. As a first edition, it has some flaws, but I think it does what the FOM was meant to do, in a much more user-friendly arrangement. It's perfect for teaching -- or anything that requires presenting manual medicine in a credible, communicable way. Also, It comes with a DVD that outlines many of the techniques described in the book. I'm purchasing a personal copy ASAP.

The book is Evidence-Based Manual Medicine by Michael Seffinger, DO and Raymond Hruby, DO, illustrated by Dr. Kuchera.
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I'll also be adding this to the Recommended Reading page on the site with the next update.

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